Angelo and Samantha Lombardi

March 2, 2018

Bill is super tuned into our project. My wife and I purchased 77 unimproved acres to build a “hobby farm” for our family. We are building several structures on the property, including a barn, bunkhouse, utility buildings and what we expect to be the house we will live in even after we become empty nesters.

Not knowing any builders in the area, I decided to enlist Bill to start with the barn and, if we were happy, to continue to work with him on the rest of the buildings.  As it turned out, Bill was the perfect choice for us. We love our barn and he has now completed the bunkhouse which has a living room, three bedrooms, large workshop and outdoor living space.

Bill brings amazing vision to his work and is a great communicator. Unlike what you would expect from someone working on a cost-plus basis, Bill will point out areas where we could make small  changes to the plans that will not only improve the finished product, but save us money.

Our barn is a perfect example of this value engineering approach. He pointed out that the initial design was really wide and that the span would cost considerably more than it would if we made a few adjustments. He shared his take on it with us and we wound up with a modified design that was even better than the original and also saved us about $10,000.

He often works behind the scenes to make sure that our needs are met—in some cases, even before we recognize a need. Another instance of his going above and beyond was his calling the architect before we started the plans for our house so he could detail him in advance as to how we like to work and what our goals and dreams for the home were.

He makes it a practice to look ahead to when the next important decisions are going to be needed and spends the time to prep us and to make sure we have a clear picture of what our options are.

Bill has a phenomenal memory that he enhances with excellent note taking so that he can recall details and ideas with ease. He is very hands on and is great at both customer and project management.

At the end of the day, I would say that if you’re someone that doesn’t have a wealth of experience in building, Bill is your best choice out there.

We couldn’t be more pleased.