Cathy and Alex Melendez

March 2, 2018

I think one of the most important things to know about Bill is that he is very credible and easy to work with.  Our experience with him was uneventful—in the best possible way. No drama or hassle at all.

Initially, my wife and I were thinking that we would do a re-model on our existing home. One of our friends suggested that we might find some good design ideas by driving through the Dunblane subdivision where Bill happened to be building a spec house.

When we walked in the door the very first time, we were so impressed with the home that we immediately abandoned our re-modeling plan. Instead, three days later we met with Bill to make an offer on it.

The subdivision is very small, only 16 houses total. The other 15 were built by a different builder, so our house, while it fits beautifully into the surrounding neighborhood, looks a bit different than the others, which we like.

It’s a French Country style, with about 4600 square feet and a three -car garage. Because it wasn’t yet completed we had the latitude to change some of the design features to better accommodate our casual lifestyle. We added a pedestrian door, real windows in the garage to let in light and installed French doors in a cased opening in the dining room to allow for privacy in our office.

The distressed, farmhouse style hardwood flooring is phenomenal. We also love the stone wall in the family room and the impressive entry way. Really, the house is just exquisite.

I think one of the things that we like best is the “wow” factor when people first come inside. WOW! is pretty much everyone’s reaction the first time they walk in the door. That “wow” factor is all Bill.